June Resource Round-up

June Resource Round-up

June is filled with events that bring us together in love, remembrance, and appreciation. Join us as we explore books and crafts that make each of these moments special. 

Pride Month 🌈

Books We Love

We are the Rainbow! 

Daddy, Papa, and Me

More books about Pride HERE


DIY Rainbow Pride Wands

Best made by children aged 4 and up with some assistance, these charming rainbow wands are filled with sparkle  and feature all the vibrant colors of the Pride Flag.


Books We Love

Ice Cream Man

Build a House


More books about Juneteenth HERE


Listen to Juneteenth Songs

Songs help children learn and remember. Gracie’s Corner, (on Youtube), created the "Juneteenth Song" to teach kids about the day the last enslaved African Americans learned of their freedom.

Father's Day

Books We Love


Brick by Brick

More books celebrating Fatherhood HERE


Dinosaur Handprint Card

This easy-to-do and colorful card transforms your little one’s handprint into an exciting new creation—a dinosaur!

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