Bye, Bye, Germs: How to care for your toys

Bye, Bye, Germs: How to care for your toys

Using a non-toxic and safe cleaner for your child's toys is paramount for their well-being and development. Children explore the world through tactile interactions, putting toys in their mouth and touching surfaces – and that’s a good thing!

However, traditional cleaners laden with harmful chemicals can pose a risk to their growth and wellbeing. These chemicals can irritate skin, induce allergies, asthma and more. Opting for non-toxic cleaners ensures that the toys remain free from harmful chemicals and safeguards your child from potential health hazards. 

Promoting a clean and safe play environment supports healthy growth, fosters sensory learning, and cultivates good hygiene habits from an early age!  

Tips for cleaning your toys: 

Cleaning toys is so easy (and safe!) with Branch Basics’ non-toxic formula. 

  1. Wooden toys: Spot clean by spraying Branch Basics All-Purpose on cloth, then wipe down. Do not directly clean with water. 
  2. Fabric toys: Hand wash in Branch Basics with cold water, and lay flat to dry
  3. Silicone toys: Soak toys in water with a few drops of Branch Basics Concentrate for 15 minutes or longer. Rinse and set out to dry.

Note: If more cleaning is needed, soak toys and then gently scrub with a natural scrub brush.

As parents, we only want the healthiest, happiest, and safest for our babies. It may seem like a small thing, but replacing chemical cleaners with non-toxic products gives our babies a head-start to healthier development, immunity, and more. Plus, the entire household will benefit from better indoor air quality as the result of less chemical usage! 

Branch Basics is a truly all-purpose cleaner, so you can also use it to clean baby bottles, pacifiers, cribs, high-chairs and more! Check out their article How To Clean Your Baby’s Toys And Bottles Naturally for more information. 

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