5 Must Have Apps for Parents and Expecting Parents

5 Must Have Apps for Parents and Expecting Parents

Becoming a parent is filled with so many emotions that it can quickly become overwhelming. Luckily there are some great apps and resources that make parenting a bit easier, but we do have to admit less is more otherwise it may become information overload. 

We’ve put together a list of our favorite resources for new and expectant parents:

New Parents

Pampers Smart Sleep Coach

How many times did someone give you the cliche advice “get sleep while you can” before your little one arrived. That advice may not be the most helpful, but one thing is true, your sleep patterns are going to change, and so will your little ones. That’s why we love the Pampers Smart Sleep Coach app. Their personalized and science-backed approach will help you get your little one into a solid sleep routine from the early days.

Solid Starts

One of the first major milestones is transitioning your little one into solid foods. Starting solids is a journey filled with sensory exploration, finding new methods of nutrition, and….mess. We know it can be daunting to take the plunge a strap them into the high chair for the first time, but the Solid Starts app takes a lot of the guesswork and anxiety out of the process. 

Expecting Parents


Need helping picking the perfect baby products and building a registry. It really doesn’t get better or easier than Babylist. They have great honest product reviews and they make it easy to house one universal registry. You can start your registry here.

What to Expect

Perhaps the world's most well known pregnancy tracker, What to Expect helps you understand your pregnancy and track baby's growth by providing tailored, expert information each week based on your due date. 


The mental health app for before, during and after pregnancy. The provide daily and weekly content plans with resources developed in partnership with perinatal experts and backed by research - proven to reduce stress and risk of depression, while supporting better outcomes for your baby.

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