How to master play with your little one

How to master play with your little one

Back to Routine Week 1 Recap: The Power of Play

With summer in full swing, it makes sense that many parents are feeling burnt out. Keeping the kids occupied is no easy feat, and we know you didn’t sign up to be a camp counselor! We’ve got you covered.  This webinar focuses on simple ways to add unstructured play to your daily routine with the kids. Whether you have babies, toddlers, or both,  we are going to give you practical tips to make playtime fun and relaxed for everyone. 

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    Q & A Recap: 

    Q: When can we expect to see independent play in our children and how can we best encourage and support them in getting there?

    A: Instead of treating play as a last resort when there's nothing else to do, incorporate short play sessions into your daily routine. This way, your kids will develop a genuine love for play and become skilled at it. 

    Q: Do you have any tips for encouraging small pockets of play while you attend to other tasks?

    A: Strategically place a few selected toys in areas where you want them to engage. For instance, clear out a lower kitchen drawer and fill it with child-friendly items they can access on their own. Create a small basket of books or toys in the bathroom, near where you get ready or where you exercise. This way, your child will have engaging options nearby, making it easier for them to play while you take care of your responsibilities.

    Q: Any other simple play ideas that parents can rely on?

    A: Study your own child to see what they’re interested in! Go all in on what they love and it will build confidence in your little one’s playtime.

    Remember, keeping play simple and consistent will make it feel less overwhelming for everyone! 

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    Meet the Speakers:

    Lizzie Assa, Head of Play and Development @ Lalo & Founder of The Workspace for Children

    Lizzie Assa


    Michael Wieder, Co-Founder, President & CMO @ Lalo

    Michael Wieder
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