Celebrate Black History Month With These Favorite Books

Celebrate Black History Month With These Favorite Books

This month, we shine a spotlight on Black fiction and nonfiction, recognizing the importance of highlighting Black stories and voices. But our commitment doesn't end here; it extends throughout the entire year. Let's make every day an opportunity to share and amplify the rich tapestry of Black narratives.
To kick off this special month, @maistorybooklibrary has curated a collection of their favorite children's books that celebrate Bold Black Women. These stories are not only a celebration of resilience and strength but also an invitation to broaden our understanding of the world. So, grab a book, immerse yourself in these empowering narratives, and share the stories that resonate with you.


  1. Bold Words from Black Women, by Dr Tamara Pizzoli
  2. On Her Wings, by Jerdine Nolen
  3. Maya's Song, by Renee Watson
  4. A Stitch Through Time, by Lauren Burke
  5. Only the Best, by Kate Messner
  6. Ablaze with Color, by Jeanne Walker Harvey

  1. Ida B. Wells, Voice of Truth, by Michelle Duster
  2. Love is Loud, by Sandra Neil Wallace
  3. The Youngest Marcher, by Cynthia Levinson
  4. Shirley Chisholm Dared, by Alicia D. Williams
  5. Wangari Maathai, by Franck Prevot
  6. Molly, By Golly! by Dianne Ochiltree

  1. She Raised Her Voice, by Jordannah Elizabeth
  2. Born to Swing, by Mara Rockliff
  3. Work It, Girl, by Caroline Moss
  4. We Are The Supremes, by Zoe Tucker
  5. The Green Piano, by Roberta Flack

  1. Little People, Big Dreams, Series by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara


Meet the expert

Maya at Mai Storybook

Maya Mai Story Book

Maya, MS. Ed., is an artist and Elementary teacher Teacher. She is passionate about quality and equality in early education. She received her BA in Psychology with a focus on child development, and an Asian American Studies minor, from Scripps College. She graduated from UCSD with a Masters of Education and her Multiple Subject Credential to become an elementary school teacher. 
She is a strong proponent of art in schools, and aspires to bring her experience and passion for the arts into her classrooms in order to inspire young children and encourage their creativity. She is also a firm believer in the power of books to open doors and spark the imagination of young readers.
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