Parent-to-be with friends celebrating a baby shower

Fun and Creative Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Enjoy

Expecting a baby is a journey unlike any other. It’s not easy—but that doesn’t mean it’ll always be dull! You get to have fun, too, especially when planning events for yourself, your little one, and your closest family and friends. Imagine all the babymoon and baby shower ideas you’ll prepare for, arrange, and watch come alive! 

They say it takes a village to raise a child—that’s why baby showers are some of the best baby events. Friends and loved ones can show emotional support for the parent-to-be through this celebration while the parents gather all the materials to care for their newborn. In simpler terms, baby showers are where you get very generous gifts to help you on this journey with your baby. 

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Aside from presents, any event wouldn’t be complete without games! So if you’re looking for baby shower games that are fun and creative, we’ve got just the thing for you. 

Whether you’re hosting an in-person or online baby shower, read on below to create an event that everyone won’t forget. 

In-Person Baby Shower Games Ideas

1. Who’s That Baby?

This baby shower game is a great icebreaker, which will come in handy if you have guests who have never met before.

First, ask everyone invited to bring a baby photo of themselves. Then, tape these photos on a wall or prop them up on a table. The goal here is for everyone to try and match the baby photos to the correct guest.

2. Don’t Say “Baby!”

Sure, it’s a baby shower, but can your guests go through the whole day without saying “baby”? Let’s put your guests’ self-control and listening abilities to the test! 

The best way to play this is to give each attendee a diaper pin to put on their blouse when they arrive. When handing out the pins, explain the rules: no one is allowed to mention the word “baby” throughout the shower. If someone slips, the one who catches them receives their pin. At the end of the event, whoever has the most pins wins.

3. Dirty Diapers 

No one likes a stinky dirty diaper, but what if the gooey liquid in the middle is actually candy? Unsurprisingly, this wacky baby shower game can still be unpleasant for some guests, even if it’s candy! 

Fill clean, unused baby diapers (or folded napkins) with various melted chocolate chocolates. Make sure you have a mix of flavors and textures: milky, creamy, nutty, caramel-filled, etc. Then, pass the diapers around and have each attendee sniff, touch, and taste the sticky “poo” cores to guess which candy bar is in each diaper. The winner is the one who has the best nose for chocolatey-tasting “poo.” Talk about an unforgettable baby shower game.

4. Baby Stroller Olympics 

Want to excite your guests? How about a rousing game of baby stroller Olympics? 

Here’s how you do it: first, map out an area of your yard or the park. Then, mark the starting line with one stick and the finish line with another. Set up a few barriers like lawn chairs, logs, or other things within that space. 

Each attendee will stand next to a stroller behind the starting line, holding a baby doll. Then, when the parent-to-be yells “Go!”, the guests will put the baby into the stroller and push it over the obstacles until they reach the finish line.

A one-second penalty is applied each time the stroller or guest collides with an obstacle. If the baby falls out of the stroller, the guest will be disqualified. The person who crosses the finish line in the shortest time wins.

5. The Price Is Right (Baby Edition)

Everyone knows that having a baby is costly nowadays. But do they know how much baby supplies cost in reality? With this baby shower game of The Price is Right, you can determine which of your guests is a savvy shopper. 

All you’ll need to do is describe each baby item to your guests while showing them an image of it. Then, you can ask them to provide a rough estimate of the cost. For each item, whoever guesses the nearest price to the correct retail value without going over wins a prize. 


Virtual Baby Shower Game Ideas

1. BINGO, Baby! 

There’s a reason why bingo is a popular virtual baby shower game. It’s easy, straightforward, and on top of all that, it’s a lot of fun! Find a cute free baby shower bingo printable and share it with your guests. You can make one of your own too! Just don’t forget to add common baby items that people give as presents such as a stylish high chair and an all-in-one play gym

As the parent or parents-to-be opens their gifts, guests can use stickers to mark off any items they see on their baby bingo card. The guest who finishes a complete row or column and shouts “BINGO, Baby!” wins.

2. Name That Tune 

Trivia buffs will love this! What’s great about this game is that it’s excellent for parents-to-be who prefer a virtual baby shower. It’s a simple, safe, and super fun choice.

Make a playlist of all the best baby songs before the shower. You’re looking for nursery rhymes, lullabies, or popular songs that have the word “baby” in the lyrics or title.

Have all of your visitors mute themselves at the start of each round. Then, play a five-second clip of the music.

The first person to yell out the answer or enter it in the chatroom gets the point.

3. Virtual Scavenger Hunt 

Let’s make the guests stand up and move! A virtual scavenger hunt is a fun way to get your guests moving around their houses.

Simply make a list of baby necessities and items. Guests will need to get up and find these items as soon as possible in their houses. After 2 minutes in each round, you can eliminate guests who couldn’t find the items. This can keep going until there’s just one winner.

4. Baby Shower Charades

It’s a popular baby shower game for a good reason! Make a list of baby-related or parenting-related terms for your attendees to act out while the rest of the group tries to figure out the answer. 

If you want to inject some laughter into your virtual event, this is the game for you! 

5. Baby Predictions 

Finish up your virtual baby shower with a classic virtual baby shower game baby predictions!

Invite your guests to make guesses about the soon-to-arrive baby. This can include the due date, birth weight, name, and gender. Hair color, eye color, the color of their going-home clothing, and whose parents they resemble are all possibilities. After the new baby arrives, guests can check in with the new parents to see who has the most correct answers.

Final Thoughts 

The best baby showers are those where it’s all so lively that time zips by. It’s a good thing games can help you with that! 

Now, while it’s fun to keep brainstorming baby shower games ideas, it’s also important to give attention to other parts of your shower, such as your baby registry. 

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Parenting is not an easy job, but it’s one of the most important roles you’ll ever play. We want you to know that you’re not alone and that we’ll always have your back! Find more tips and parenting hacks on our blog一don’t worry, you got this! And for baby essentials, shop at Lalo, today.

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