Lay Low with Lalo Vol 4: Starry Crafts & Snacks

Lay Low with Lalo Vol 4: Starry Crafts & Snacks

Starry Crafts & Snacks

Bring the magical night sky indoors with an upcycling craft and star-inspired snack. From cultivating your little one’s creativity to nourishing their hungry belly, these activities inspire curiosity for the great outdoors and bedtime coziness from sun up to sun down.

Playlist: Calm Creative Flow

Big canvas, little hands 🎨 Put this playlist on and grab the crayons, watercolors, stickers, or other medium and watch your little artist enter a calm, meditative flow while getting creative.

Recipe: Starry Bites

Serve your little one a celestial snack in 4 easy steps. Made of star-shaped fruit and fluffy yogurt clouds for a well-balanced bite. 



Serving Size: Up to you!  (This is a snack-style recipe, so serving size is based on how much you want to make) 

Time: 5 Minutes

Here's what you'll need...


  • Apple

  • Any other yellow fruit of choice: melon, pineapple, mango, and banana work great

  • Plain or vanilla greek yogurt


  • Small star or other fun cookie cutter

  • Regular spoon and knife for prep

  • Little plate and spoon


  1. Cut apple or other chosen fruit into even slices that will be easy to stamp with a cookie cutter. Use cookie cutter to cut small stars out of your fruit slices.

  2. Take the greek yogurt and create 3 large dollops for the clouds. 

  3. Using a spoon, slowly shape your clouds — think fluffy and formed.

  4. Add your stars and enjoy!


    Activity: Stories Under The Stars

    Starry Nights

    What You’ll Need:

    • Cardboard

    • Paint or crayons

    • Scissors

    • String

    • Optional: Hole punch


    1. Unbox and set up your Lalo Play Tent 

    2. Turn on our Calm Creative Flow playlist and get into the groove of cutting out stars from the leftover cardboard box, letting your little one paint and color them in. Leave out to dry during the day.

    3. Before bedtime, make a hole in one corner of each star and thread a few inches of string through. Tie stars to the top support bar of The Play Tent to create a starry night sky.

    4. Grab your furry friends, some blankets, a pillow, and books for a cozy bedtime story. Bring in a flashlight or lantern and turn off the lights for added ambience.

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