Secrets to independent, clutter-free play

Secrets to independent, clutter-free play

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Creating developmentally appropriate play spaces around your home doesn't have to take a lot of time...or create unnecessary clutter! Learn how to set up engaging areas for your little ones while simultaneously cleaning up as we prep for fall.

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    Key Takeaways:

    Tip 1: Integrate toy rotation if it works for your family! Swap out toys every 2-3 months so you have a manageable amount of toys out and your little one can play with "new" play options.

    Tip 2: Catch-all baskets are your best friend. And don't forget, it's age-appropriate for your toddler to want to dump them!

    Tip 3: A cluttered space means a cluttered mind, so quickly tidying your child’s play space before bed will not only help you feel more balanced, but also set them up for a calming night of sleep.


    Meet the Speakers:

    Lizzie Assa, Head of Play and Development @ Lalo & Founder of Workspace for Children

    Lizzie Assa

    Ría Safford, CEO and Founder of RíOrganize, author of The Organized Home for New Parents

    Ria Safford

    Michael Wieder, Co-Founder, President & CMO @ Lalo

    Michael Wieder
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