Splish, splash, fun: 4 water play activities for littles

Splish, splash, fun: 4 water play activities for littles

Summertime is the perfect season for outdoor play, and what better way to beat the heat than with some water fun in your very own backyard! Water play activities offer endless entertainment for littles, keeping them engaged and cool on those sunny days (just don’t forget your sun hats!). From splashing around to exploring the wonders of water, here are four backyard water play activities that will make this summer unforgettable for your little ones ☀️


  1. Create a sensory water table Sensory Water tableA sensory water table is a fantastic activity that combines the joy of water play with the benefits of sensory exploration. Set up your bath tub in your backyard and fill it with water. Add various objects such as bath toys, cups, balls, and funnels for your little to explore. Encourage them to pour, scoop, and splash the water, stimulating their senses and promoting fine motor skills. Tip: You can also introduce different colors by adding a few drops of food coloring to the water for an extra bit of fun! 

  2. Gone fishin’ 🎣 Gone fishin'Bring the excitement of fishing to your backyard with a net fishing adventure. Set up a designated "fishing area" by filling a bath tub or inflatable pool with water. Place an assortment of floating toys or objects that are safe for water play, such as rubber ducks or plastic fish, into the water. Grab a small fishing net or a sieve with a handle and guide your little one to dip the net into the water and catch the floating objects. Encourage them to explore different techniques and watch them “reel in” their big catch! 

  3. Bubble bonanza 🫧

​​We all know little ones and bubbles go hand in hand and this classic activity never fails to bring smiles. Fill a shallow basin or a kiddie pool with soapy water (here’s a link to a bubble recipe!) and provide your little one with an assortment of bubble wands and tools. Watch their eyes light up as they blow bubbles and chase after them. Make it a competition and see who can pop the most bubbles or blow the biggest one! 

4. Water painting 🎨 Water Painting

Combine art and water play by introducing water painting to your little one. All you’ll need is a paint brush, water, and a surface to paint on (a wall, the ground, or large rocks work great!). Fill a bucket or a shallow basin with water and provide your little one with large paint brushes or foam brushes. As they dip their brushes into the water, they can "paint" on their surfaces creating beautiful watercolor-like patterns. The artwork will appear vividly and gradually fade away as it evaporates creating a brand new canvas to create their masterpiece.  

Water play activities in the backyard offer endless possibilities for summer fun and help your little ones beat the heat while engaging their senses and develop essential skills. These four activities will make your backyard the ultimate oasis for your little ones. So grab a sunbonnet, towels, sunscreen, and let the splish-splash adventures begin!

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