Turning Busy Days into Playful Moments: Toddler-friendly Tips for the Holidays

Turning Busy Days into Playful Moments: Toddler-friendly Tips for the Holidays

Our in-house educator and play expert, Lizzie, is here with simple tips to turn hectic days into playful moments with your toddlers. 

Keep the toys and materials that they love front and center.

While a stylishly arranged coffee table can be aesthetically pleasing, it's not very practical if everything on it is untouchable for your little one. This only leads to more 'no's' and less play. Consider swapping out adult decor for child-friendly play items that still look attractive. A coffee table is just the right height for a toddler, making it an ideal spot for enticing playthings. Lay out some lacing beads or a chunky puzzle, and watch as your child begins to play independently, right at the heart of your living space.

Lacing beads

Let them “play-work” alongside you.

We know you are super busy getting the house holiday-ready, and that means cleaning! Equip them with a child-sized broom and let them feel the satisfaction of helping. Toddlers crave control, and by assigning them tasks with tangible results, like sweeping, you give them a sense of agency. A pro tip: Create a target on the kitchen floor using painter's tape for your little one to sweep the dirt into. They'll love the responsibility and the clear evidence of their 'hard work'!


Carve out downtime to play.

With all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is so important to remember that children need downtime. Try to carve out some downtime each day for your child to play independently or with you. On the go? Pack a bag of quiet time toys and use them at Gramma’s house, or in your hotel room.

Meet the Play Boxes

Inside The Play Boxes, you can take the guesswork out of parent-led learning with a Play Guide found inside each box. The booklet explores each thoughtfully designed toy, explaining how to deliver hours of meaningful playtime and support your little one with developing new skills.

Each toy has been carefully curated and tested by Lizzie! Her background in independent play ensured the contents of each box meets your little one at every developmental stage. The best part? Everything is created with durable, Earth-friendly materials, our award-winning toys are made for multiple years (and kids) to come. And, when your little becomes big, we make it easy for toys to find a new home through our Re-Play recycling program.

Learn more about The Play Boxes HERE.

Meet the expert

Lizzie Assa, MS. Ed., is Lalo's Head of Play & Development, founder of The Workspace for Children and mom of three

Lizzie Assa

Lizzie Assa, MS. Ed., is Lalo's Head of Play & Development and the founder of The Workspace for Children. She is a parenting strategist and independent play expert who believes that play is how children make sense of their world. Assa helps parents, caregivers, and teachers by offering them engaging, simple-to-set-up play ideas and tips for communicating more effectively with children. She has been featured in The New York Times, Parents, and The Wall Street Journal, and she is passionate about helping grownups create supportive environments for children and families to play and learn.

Assa is a graduate of the Bank Street College of Education in NYC, and she lives in Marblehead, MA with her husband, three children, and two goofy Goldendoodles. Assa is a passionate advocate for play, and she believes that it is essential for children's development. She is on a mission to help parents create a playful and supportive environment for their children to grow and learn.


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