5 Tips for Bath Time

Pick a bath schedule.

Babies are cute, but they can be messy. That said, young infants only need a bath about 1-3 times a week until they’re mobile. When choosing a schedule that works for your family routine, consider when you won’t be rushed or interrupted. This could be during the mid-morning for special sensory playtime, or before bed for a calm-down to promote Zzzs.

Round up the tub essentials.

You don’t want to run from room to room after your baby is already in the tub. Get all your gear together beforehand, including a baby tub, shampoo/wash (pump tops are best), a washcloth, a rinse cup, toys, and a cozy towel.

Skin tip: If your baby has sensitive skin or eczema, use a gentle, fragrance-free soap on a soft washcloth. We promise they’ll still have that new-baby smell without the irritation.

Use the Goldilocks test.

Like Goldilocks, your baby must have bath water at juuust the right temperature (about 100℉). Fill up the tub before your little one takes a dip to ensure it’s not too hot or cold and that they’re not scared by the faucet. Before putting your child into the bath, you can test the water on your wrist first (where your skin is sensitive to temps).

Create a safe space to splash.

Caution: babies are very slippery when wet! To prevent bumps and bruises, keep babies in a tub with sides and an infant insert before they can sit up themselves. Use a spout cover and non-slip mat or strips when they’re directly in the big tub. Pediatricians and child swim experts recommend pouring water on your baby's head to get them used to the sensation (and good practice for dunking underwater at the pool later!), which you can do while rinsing soap or playing. With a towel ready, use both hands (or a partner) to transfer your baby from the water to their drying station.

NEVER leave a young child unattended in the tub. Even shallow water can be dangerous. Learn more about bath safety and drowning risks from Nemours.

Have some good, clean fun!

While the goal of bathtime is to clean baby’s soft skin and erase all evidence of blowouts, it’s a special bonding time for you, too. Bathtime games can teach babies and kids skills and lessons to unlock discovery and creativity, such as cause and effect, storytelling, and physics. Grab multi-purpose toys like these Stacking Cups to help them develop a positive relationship with bathtime and open-ended play that will last through toddler years and beyond. While they splash around, you can use a gentle voice to narrate or sing (hello, language development).

With these five tips, you’ll be a bathtime pro in no time—and your baby will look forward to this special part of their day!

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