Mastered firsts? Ready for seconds.

Big Bites Tableware

Utensils, Chopsticks, Plates, Cups, and more—all made with FDA-approved, dishwasher-safe materials. Stock up...

Durable to support learning.

Little ones need sturdy tableware that's safe and can stand up to their feeding learning curve, like being knocked to the ground. What sets Big Bites apart from others in the market is its material - you get all the benefits of non-toxic silicone (safer than other materials) and it won't break.

Encourages exploration.

In addition to being durable, this collection of toddler tableware and utensils is size-appropriate, comfortable to use and holds food easily. By giving little ones the proper tools, you’re allowing little ones to explore their food, develop fine motor skills and gain more independence by feeding themselves.

Easy to clean.

The Big Bites collection features the same sleek look as the First Bites collection and is also dishwasher safe, which makes life easier for you and meals more fun for them.

Heat it up, eat it up.

Founded by two parents, we know a thing or two about the stresses of parenting. That's why we thoughtfully designed these to be microwave safe. Heat up the Big Bites Bowl and serve it on the placemat before the little one starts getting hangry (we've all been there).

Perfect for the little and littler one.

The First Bites collection and Big Bites collection are now the perfect pair for parents with multiple kids so no kid is left out. First Bites is perfect for 4+ month olds starting solids and Big Bites is the next step for babies / toddlers 1+ years old.

Btw: Big Bites is perfect for 1+ years old

Just starting solids?

Is your little one getting bigger but not quite big enough for big bites? Check out our first bites tableware for those little ones just starting to explore solids.

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