Lay Low with Lalo Vol 3: Toddler Teatime & Tunes

Lay Low with Lalo Vol 3: Toddler Teatime & Tunes

Toddler Teatime & Tunes

Weathering Spring storms that have you stuck indoors?

Cozy up with a delicious herbal tea latte during high tea hosted by your little. They can set the table, you can bring centerpiece florals and (of course), all stuffed furry friends are welcome. There’s no such thing as a party without tunes, so hit play on our Oldies For Youngins drop to set the vibe for sips to come.  

Playlist: Oldies for Youngins

A list of songs it would be a shame for your kids to grow up not knowing. Passionately curated by the parents on our team. 💪 🎶

Recipe: Herbal Tea Latte

For tea lovers looking to spice up their go-to. Steep and stir this calming recipe that you and your little will enjoy a latte.

Herbal Tea Latte

Here's what you'll need...


  • 6 oz water 

  • Herbal tea of choice (caffeine free)*

  • 1 oz dairy or plant-based milk 

  • Optional: honey*



    1. Heat water to a boil.

    2. Pick a tea of choice and pour water over to steep in a mug.

    3. In a separate cup, heat and froth your dairy or plant-based milk with a splash of honey*.
      Don’t have a frother? Not to worry! Simply mix your milk and honey with a whisk, fork, or by shaking in a jar to incorporate a little air.

    4. Combine in Little Cup or Mealtime Cup by filling up ¾ of the way with your brewed tea and topping with milk foam. Let cool until safe and watch them enjoy.

    5. Tip: Have a little one that's not ready for herbal tea? Mix up a mock brew made of hot water, a squeeze of lemon and an optional spoonful of honey. 

*Generally, herbal tea is allowed for ages 2 and above, and honey allowed for ages 1 and above. Avoid caffeine for ages 12 and under. If you are unsure whether it is safe to give your child a specific kind of herbal tea, check with your pediatrician.

Activity: Lalo Tea Party

For connecting over full cups and even fuller hearts. Attend a tea party hosted by your toddler.

Tea Party

What You’ll Need:


  1. Find a cozy corner for your Play Kit.

  2. Set the table with your tea set and/or our little silicone tableware. 

  3. Add flowers and bring your favorite stuffed animal friends. 

  4. Turn up the music and enjoy your herbal latte! 

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