Lay Low with Lalo Vol 7: Keepsake Craftin'

Lay Low with Lalo Vol 7: Keepsake Craftin'

Keepsake Craftin'

Capture your little one's current faves in a creative project that you can look back on for years to come. When your budding artist needs a snack break, bring out a game of Bingo that boosts their brain power and includes a tasty snack!     

Playlist: Calm Creative Flow

Big canvas, little hands 🎨 Put this playlist on and grab the crayons, watercolors, stickers, or other medium and watch your little artist enter a calm, meditative flow while getting creative.

Recipe: Fruit Bingo

Looking for a simple, delicious snack that doubles as a game to boost the memory of little brains? Look no further than Lalo’s Fruit Bingo! 

Serving Size: 9 cubed pieces of watermelon

Time: 5 Minutes

Here's what you'll need...


  • Watermelon


 Fruit Bingo


  1. Cube  your watermelon into 1-2” squares and place into their bowl.

  2. Grab a piece of paper and markers.

  3. Head to a kid’s table and chairs for your art activity and snack! (Our Play Kit is the perfect fit!)

  4. On the piece of paper, draw a 3 x 3 grid. Inside the boxes draw your little one’s favorite words, toys, and numbers.

  5. Ask your little one to find what’s in each box and cover it with a watermelon cube.

  6. When they get Bingo, tell them to dig into their snack and start over!

Have an infant? When your little one’s able to reach and grasp, help them place toys on the Bingo board in place of watermelon cubes as you call out the words, toys, and numbers. Skip the snack.

Disclaimers: Serve once your child is 6 months + and has started solids. Consult with your physician before offering new foods.

Activity: Portrait Memories

What You’ll Need:

  • A spot outside that casts a shadow, comfy spot on the ground, or The Play Kit

  • Non-toxic markers or crayons

  • 1 piece of paper

  • Your little one

Portrait Memories


  1. Grab a piece of paper, markers or crayons, and your little one.

  2. Head to a kid’s table and chairs or comfy spot on the ground for your art activity! If you’re going to trace their profile, find a spot outside where the sun casts a shadow.

  3. Trace your little one’s hand, foot, or the shadow of their profile.

  4. Write prompts inside their portrait to capture their current age, favorite color, favorite toy, and anything else you want to remember from this moment in time. 

  5. Ask your little one to pick out their favorite color marker or crayon and create a masterpiece of their own inside their portrait. 

  6. Encourage them to express their creative side by scribbling, drawing circles, or straight lines. Show them where to draw their favorite animal, snacks, or toys next to the prompts you wrote. 

Repeat the activity next year and compare their creations. Did their favorite color change? What about their favorite snack? 

Have an infant? Keep the prompts simple! Write: Date? What do you smile at? What’s your first solid food? What’s your favorite toy? You can fill in the answers until they’re old enough to add to the visual creation.

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