Lay Low with Lalo Vol. 9: Fall Snacks & Sensory Play

Lay Low with Lalo Vol. 9: Fall Snacks & Sensory Play

Fall Snacks & Sensory Play

Pumpkins, apples, and playtime...oh my! Serve your child a classic fall treat, cut perfectly for little hands. Then, dive into a festive sensory play bin that’s simple to create and a blast to explore.

Playlist: Jazzy Vibe

Let these soulful rhythms transport you to dimly lit jazz clubs in the comfort of your own home!

Recipe: Caramel Apple Slices

A little salty and a little sweet. Bite into a slice of caramel apple heaven with this seasonal snack that’s crunchy and colorful.

Serving Size: 2 servings (4 - 5 slices each)

Time: 15 Minutes

Here's what you'll need...


  • 1 medium apple

  • Small bag of:

    • Caramel melts

    • M&Ms or chocolate chips

    • Pretzels


 Caramel Apple Slices


  1. Unwrap caramel melts and add them to a pot on your stovetop.

  2. Heat on a low to medium setting, stirring them periodically with your spatula

  3. Slice apples and leave them on the cutting board or lay them on a dinner plate.

  4. Pour melted caramel generously onto apples.

  5. Top with M&Ms and crushed pretzels.

  6. Once the caramel has hardened, transfer the apple slices onto your little one’s Plate and serve with a Big Bites Fork to minimize sticky fingers.

  7. Enjoy!

Disclaimers: Serve once your child has started solids and is able to safely consume hard candies and caramel. Consult with your physician before offering new foods.

Activity: Pumpkin Patch Sensory Bin

What You’ll Need:

Pumpkin Sensory Bin


  1. Grab your bin and fill the bottom with your base ingredients. You don’t have to pick just one!

  2. Get creative by mixing base textures, sizes, and colors.

  3. Add pumpkins and spoons. If you have chopsticks, add those too so your little one can work on their fine motor skills while picking up the base ingredients.

  4. Encourage your little one to scoop, explore, and play!


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