Tips for making littles feel at home (when they're not at home).

Tips for making littles feel at home (when they're not at home).

By Michelle Anzaldua of @thecozyfarmhouse and grandma to 4 little ones

Being in an unfamiliar place can be hard for little ones, but we've got tips from an expert (and grandma!) on how she helps her grandchildren feel at home in her space.  Read on for 6 tips below:  

6 tips to help your littles feel at home

1. Create a designated space that’s all theirs.

I love seeing my grandchildren come over and run straight into their playroom.  They know that this space is just for them and all of their favorite things are inside (plus, usually something new for them, too!) This is where we set up their play table and chairs for crafts, plus, their reading nook and toys. It gets them excited to come over and it’s a relief to know they are in one place vs. running all over the house.


2. Provide different but familiar toys.

We know that our grandchildren already love Legos and Play Doh, so we make sure to provide different sets than the ones they already have in their own home.  This way they have toys they are familiar with, but the excitement of something new. We also make sure we have learning toys from our local learning store as they are timeless and perfect for my younger grandchildren to grow into.

3. Stock up on their favorite snacks.

This is a must in our house. Going into my pantry is one of their favorite things to do when they come over because they know grandma will have what they love!

4. Keep the playroom updated and fresh.

I go through the playroom a few times a year to put things away that they’ve grown out of and don’t play with anymore and replace with more age appropriate things as they grow.  Make sure to save them though for the younger grandchildren as they will have use for them in the future.

5. Let them help in the kitchen.

My grandchildren love helping in the kitchen so I always have recipes ready for when they come over, like this mac & cheese recipe.  They always feel so accomplished when we cook together, plus, they’re more likely to actually eat because they helped make it!


6. Keep the bedtime routine going.

Sleepovers happen often and we love bath time in my house before bedtime. I love to refresh our bath toys every few months, get new pajamas (because I just love to shop for them!) and refresh with new books as well for story time.  It’s important that we keep their bedtime routine while they stay over so they have a good night’s rest.


Meet the expert

Michelle Anzaldua of @thecozyfarmhouse and grandma to 4 little ones

Michelle thecozyfarmhouse

Michelle Anzaldua is a home decor expert based out of Houston, TX and is a mom of 4 and grandmother of 4 (with another on the way!).  As the brains behind @thecozyfarmhouse, Michelle brings her unique modern farmhouse aesthetic into every aspect of her home and her grandbabies' rooms are no exception.  Her style can be described as farmhouse chic with a touch of Texas flair.

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